Who we are

Caffebo Brand

Caffebo is a Scandinavian-style coffee factory established in Estonia, where unprecedented local coffee flavors are prepared. What makes us special is that the package of coffee you hold in your hand contains a unique bouquet of flavors that you can only experience in Estonia. A local feeling in your cup. Local culture at your fingertips. We, coffee professionals with decades of experience, believe that there is no single best coffee in the world, but different flavors that are perfect for a certain time, place or event. That is why no batch of Caffebo goes into production before many test roasts and playful taste tests. Therefore, Caffebo is a unique coffee factory, whose selection in each region describes the preferences of the local culture.






My journey in the coffee world started in 2020. At the beginning of the year at Caffebo, which has been full of roasting, tasting and product development from every angle and element. The daily goal is to bring a high quality, carefully roasted coffee with a nice aroma to the cup of the locals to make it easier to conquer the world 🙂

Rudolf Leimets, Caffebo master roaster


Caffebo is a special child who was very welcome… 🙂

Having been in the coffee world since 2000, all those years of skills, tricks and experience have been put into the Caffebo factory and coffees!

We roast with pleasure!

Mart Roosmets, Member of the Board, Caffebo


I’ve been in the coffee world since 2003, when I started as a technician repairing and maintaining coffee machines so that customers could still enjoy the best coffee in their cup.

Years before CaffeBo was founded and immersed in the world of roasting, the smaller roasters were introduced to the world of roasting, and it immediately became clear that the next step was to open their own roasting factory.

I have been tasked with ensuring that the plant runs smoothly and is properly maintained.

Thanks to CaffeBo and our own long experience in the coffee world, we are able to roast the coffee that is best suited for the Estonian coffee drinker.


Üllar Ink, Caffebo board member


My journey into the world of coffee started in 2010. in Saaremaa. In the early days, there was no prior knowledge and experience in the field, so there was a lot of self-learning and discovery in the coffee world. 2014 a. the idea of setting up a coffee roasting factory began to germinate. 2018 a. we decided to go down this route and in 2019. In June, we already received the first production from our own Caffebo factory.

Caffebo’s goal is to become the largest coffee factory in the Baltics!

Tõnis Juulik, Caffebo Board Member